Re-sourcing resilience and purposeful action

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  • Be empowered to take actions that are in alignment with your values — even under pressure?
  • Increase your sense of safety, openness, and connection in midst of uncertainty?
  • Manage your energy in service of what you care about?
  • Facilitate safe spaces for authentic conversations to take skilful and meaningful actions?

We are experiencing a collective moment that is pushing humanity to our limits. Most of our lives are unrecognisable from what they were just 06 months ago. Our basic sense of safety and wellness is under attack. Careers are being upended.

As a result of the stress and uncertainty COVID-19 is presenting, you may notice your relationships with family, housemates, and co-workers feel strained. You may be finding it challenging to meet expectations or set boundaries at work. 

In the face of the immense pressure this moment is presenting, perhaps you are reacting in ways that are not aligned with your core values.

And, for those of you attempting to do all the above while home-schooling your children, it is no wonder you are feeling the proverbial rug slipping out from under you.

If you are feeling pushed to your limit, you are not alone.

Truthfully, the pressure that COVID-19 is putting on our collective is revealing underlying habits and deeply ingrained reactions that are not in service to your highest potential. We all have unconscious reactions that we revert to under pressure. Once we start to understand those reflexes and take notice of what is happening inside our “flight, fight, or freeze” reactions to stress, we can learn to respond to life’s challenges with greater ease and skill.

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A transformation leadership facilitator, coach, and a psycho-Somatic therapist, with over 20 years international experience guiding leaders in large multinationals.


A wellbeing and transition coach blending the spiritual woo-woo with the practical do-do to facilitate skilful human presence, with over 15 years of international experience growing purpose-infused businesses in India and USA.



A Practicing MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) teacher and Core Self Discovery Coach applying mindfulness and non-violent communication processes to leadership development and building resilience, with over 20 years of global consulting and psychological research experience.


A leadership development facilitator, coach and peace-builder, with over 20 years of international experience in corporate, socio-political and personal transformation work.