24th November from 11am - 12.30pm GMT

A free webinar to allow individuals not only to experience and understand their unique response to stress, but also, to learn ways to attend to the day-to-day life challenges in a more resourceful way. Orient-Respond-Resource-Integrate.


Embodying Wholeness

Across the globe, people are struggling to manage in this unusual time of heightened pressure and unprecedented uncertainty. The lives we once led seem distant memories and the transition into a “new normal” is marked with challenges for many. We are asked to learn new ways to respond more resourcefully to the current moment, yet without understanding our personal stress responses, it is difficult to adapt.

Each of us comes to this life with a different size "Window of Tolerance" which we inherit from our ancestors and which determines our response to stressful situations. 

In this 90min webinar, Preeti, will guide us to experience, in a safe way, our resiliency to stress and how that affects our body, mind and soul. We will receive tools to change the size of our "Window" and by doing so it will help us become more resilient and more capable to meet the coming challenges without having to endure their debilitating effects on our health.









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Preeti has been leading Systemic Family Constellations workshops and guiding individuals in this way for more than 16 years. She is a certified Systemic Family Constellation facilitator, trained in Somatic Experiencing.

In her work, she explores and combines various techniques and tools to create the most appropriate interventions that will help her clients clear the debris that has accumulated through personal and trans-generational traumatic experiences. This allows them to re-member who they really are and open themselves to their true potential.

She is a certified practitioner in Polarity Therapy, Transomatic Dialogue Therapy, Dream Dialogue Therapy, Akashic Process, Transessence Technique, Touch for Health, Osho Counselling and a Reiki teacher. In addition, she leads Osho’s meditations and is currently studying Peter Mandel’s Esogetic Colorpuncture.

Embodying Wholeness

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