Embodied Beings is all about connection and community



At Embodied Beings we believe that to support individual’s healing journey, you need:

1. An embodied teacher who will accompany you in your quest and your search 

2. A teaching: to birth the new-self and reframe the current experience of self 

3. A community of practice: to witness your transformation and unravel with you what it's concealing

At Embodied Beings our intention isn't to be everything to everyone, but instead everyone to be everything for them self.

We believe in collaboration and co-creation in service of our community and clients.


A Facilitator, Guide, Companion, and Storyteller.

"I only wanted to live according to the prompting of my true heart, why was that so difficult” Herman Hesse. This phrase has guided my life.

I am a serial intra-entrepreneur whose work happens at the intersection of psychotherapy, somatic, design, and business. Having spent the last 20 years guiding global organizations to transform their businesses by unleashing and revealing their people's potential, I found myself continuously in awe of human wisdom when we allow ourselves to tap into it.

I desire to contribute to creating communities where generosity, care, and connection are at the heart of all transactions and interactions. Communities where strangers are welcomed and seen as friends, where health challenges are treated through presence and love, where education is taking place around a fireplace, and where we are mentally transported to meet and be with one another. A community where we spend most of our time in commune with our divinity and where we work together at finding solutions to our challenges in harmony with the more significant order of life. A community where living your life is what we are here to accomplish.


My interventions typically focus on developing personal and collective leadership effectiveness, large-scale cultural transformations, inclusion, and entrepreneurship.

I am passionate about bringing feminine leadership values to organizations to make them profitable and make them truly agents of change.

The intention I hold for my work and the initiatives I co-create or engage in is the desire to alleviate individuals from their own suffering, using the storytelling process and various modalities such as art therapy, bodywork, and energy work. I use these to help individuals, teams, and interested communities explore and reflect on their current experiences by accessing different bits of intelligence, from mind intelligence to body intelligence and through to heart intelligence and intuition, in service of expanding the possibilities.



After a decade and a half as a corporate executive at a top FTSE 100 company, I found myself at a crossroads. Needing answers to some existential questions that went beyond my performance, I decided to leave for a couple of years in pursuit of finding what will it meant to live by the prompting of your true heart.

For years I struggled to find harmony between what my heart and head wanted of me. Over the years, I noticed that at each crossroad, transition, or stuckness. The old yearning and prompt showed up. This old question led me to embark on a long journey of self-discovery, reveal, reconcile, and reintegrate my fragmented parts. The parts that inform my actions and my life at this giving point in time. The journey I have been on is not a straightforward path; it is more of a rounded path with so many twists and turns.  At times, I didn't understand why I was there, what's in it for me to learn, and yet I trusted, and eventually, after years, I found myself putting together the pieces of the jigsaw.

The journey taught me about my own hindrances of the mind; it taught me the importance of slowing down and having patience if we want to shift and to listen to the voice of change from within. It taught me how to pay attention to what has resonance through the body. It taught me how to listen for harmony to integrate and embody the new shifts. This journey also taught me that all the answers and the intelligence are already within, yet we need the conditions to access and tap into these answers for ourselves.

Each of us has his own journey, yet we all need compassionate witnessing, a wisdom council, a tribe, a mirror, to be on this arduous and yet rewarding path. Today, I create this platform to connect with my tribe—the individuals seeking answers to that same question informing my daily living. I want to share and accompany individuals on the path and continue with my own embodied living.

This journey isn't for the fainthearted, yet more and more individuals choose to do just it. The path requires discipline, courage, commitment to being a student of life. There is no arrival, and yet there are peace and serenity in the seeking.

Ways to restore your connection with Your True Heart.



Amel helps individuals active the commitment to self-healing, growth, and evolution.

She holds many accreditations and has taken part in many personal development journeys to support her continued learning and growth. She is an Accredited Adlerian Coach (positive psychology base coaching), a Psycho-Somatic and Somatic Experiencing Therapist. She completed her Compassion Mindfulness training from Stanford School of Medicine, an MBSR (Mindfulness-based stress reduction) by Jon Kabat Zin, U Theory of Emerging Living and Being, energy work, and is currently expanding her practice of family constellation.

Amel has also been leading women’s’ retreats and healing circles for the past 15 years.