Our stories define who we are: unlock your story, transform your life, and the world around you.

We all have stories. Every time we introduce ourselves, we’re telling our story. These stories define us and help us find our place in the world. But what is a story? In essence, it’s our lens, the way we see the world.

From the beginning of human history, storytellers and bards, prophets and poets were called upon to tell their visions and, through a live encounter, provide images that could direct, entertain, provoke, heal and reconcile the communities in which they worked.

And from the beginning of our lives, we’ve been told stories, by our parents, siblings, teachers, friends, relatives, religion, the media, our community and society. We’ve learned to create our own stories and as the storyteller of our life, the story you craft, will in-turn craft you.

The future is shaped, for good or ill, by the stories we believe and follow. We are made of stories, some of which serve our individual and collective endeavors, others binding us to outmoded images. As humans, we have the unique gift of imagination. We can imagine something without ever seeing it. Therefore, imagination is our key to the invisible realm from which all stories and everything new and possible can be born. Coupled with clear intention, this essential human faculty will help us connect to those creative forces which are ever available to us. This ability to imagine something, someone or some situation we want and set a clear intention to get it, is also known as Manifestation, in the energetic world. 

If you could rewrite your story (re-defining who you are, rediscovering your life in a new light, re-aligning your life goals and re-inventing your reality) what would you craft?

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  • Explore the CORE story running your life: by unravelling patterns, energy stuckness and flow.  
  • Explore the various parts/archetypes/characters of your life story.
  • Unravel the tensions and relationships between the various characters to work through the dis-ease and your connection to life.
  • Uncover and integrate the disowned parts of self and reconcile. 
  • Connect to your inner strengths and face up your inner demons.
  • Deep dive into our fears, worries, angers, sadnesses and happinesses. 
  • Acquire the tools and resources to sense, attend, name and restore.
  • Re-craft your CORE story to re-align with your life energy/flow.